Welcome to A-TES | Thermo – Electro – Solutions

Industry agent A-TES sells thermal systems, heating elements and temperature regulators of well known domestic and international manufacturers.
Serving as a link between the customer and the manufacturer, we offer ideal technical and business solutions that are tailor-made to the particular needs of our clients.

The use of high-quality products from our renowned suppliers guarantees you top quality at fair prices – from the initial development phase of your product right up to its readiness for mass production.

As our client, you have the great advantage of being able to rely on our many years of experience and competency in project management as a sales engineer as well as technical training in the area of systematic electrotechnology, thermal systems and automation technology.

Thanks to our years-long involvement in the markets of Germany and neighbouring countries, we are sufficiently acquainted with country-specific standards and guidelines, meaning that no misunderstanding mishaps will arise with suppliers based in other countries.

With its headquarters in Westerkappeln, industry agent A-TES actively works with many companies throughout Germany on a daily basis. Its location in the greater Osnabrück area and convenient motorway connection (A1/A30) make for short travel times to our clients.

We sort that out for you!