Cartridge Heaters and Self-Regulating Cartridge Heaters / Heating Rods

Depending on the shape, standard types 3.2 mm to 30 mm in diameter can be manufactured. What is more, diameters 1/8-3/4 inch in size are possible as well. Special dimensions on request. Temperatures of up to 450 °C or 860 °C can be attained.

The configuration options are as follows: Standard connections with nickel conductors, insulated with glass fibre, silicon or PTFE, connected externally or embedded in the sheath of the cartridge heater.

Depending on what is required, there are different protective hoses for the connections, such as corrugated hose, wire-braid hose, corrugated metal hose or hose that is impregnated with silicon and insulated with glass fibre.

Curved connection outlets are available, such as an elbow swivel, angle block or pipe elbow as well as a pipe section, screw-in thread or a flange.

A thermoelement can be incorporated in the cartridge heater.